SANKALPA ECO-FRIENDLY YOGA MATS have been partnering with me on creating The Beverly Hills Hotel Martinique Yoga Mat, which you can now find at their eShop.

The best yoga mat! A different artist creates each design. 

These mats function as both a mat and towel in one, and they are eco-friendly!  

Carolina facilitates partnerships between Sankalpa and world class hotels, spas and like minded brands to create unique, beautiful collections of eco-friendly yoga mats.  Carolina played a key role facilitating a partnership between Sankalpa and The Beverly Hills Hotel, for example, to create a beautiful yoga mat with the hotel’s iconic banana leaf pattern.

Carolina highly recommends Sankalpa yoga mats, and supports Sankalpa's mission to support independent yogis & artists.  Feel free to take 20% off all Sankalpa products by using code CarolinaGoldberg20 at checkout.  

Take 20% off using code CarolinaGoldberg20