Wellness with Hästens


Choose love.

If we break it down there are only two emotions. There is love and there is fear.

Fear has many costumes, it may look like anger, stress, anxiety or self doubt to name a few. Not so pretty but very common. In order to recognize fear driven patterns, you can see they are all goal oriented. For example; "I have to make this much money to be happy" or "I need to lose so many pounds to be sexy."

Love is not goal oriented, love is when you enjoy the ride. For example I love myself therefore I choose wisely and take my time and enjoy what I eat. I Love what I do for a living because it brings me joy and wealth now immediately and eternally. I love my amazing body as it allows me to experience life with all my senses.

Let Valentine's Day be a great reminder to treat yourself with love and kindness. Enjoy each moment as you string the moments together like the most beautiful pearl necklace called your life.
Share time. Share love. Share laughter. Share being present with your loved ones.

Carolina Goldberg