Find clarity and focus with Six-Phase Meditation

We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but balancing health and fitness with taking time to relax can be tricky. That’s why we asked our expert yoga trainer and executive wellness consultant at The Beverly Hills Hotel, Carolina Goldberg, to share her tips. Based in LA, she is a yoga trainer and instructor with more than 20,000 hours of experience and over 17 years of teaching and leads our wellness program at the hotel.

According to Carolina, the key to happiness and focus is rooted in one age-old practice: meditation. She explains, “During meditation the body experiences a deep rest, deeper than during the deepest part of sleep.” In addition to achieving focus, “Meditation releases the build-up of stress, anxiety and tension as the body repairs itself. This brings positive health results, such as lower cholesterol and an increase in serotonin (the happy hormone).”

You can reap the benefits of meditation anywhere and at any time. Whether it’s our yoga class on the lawn or relaxing in your suite on a Beverly Hills Hotel Yoga Mat, Carolina recommends the simple meditation practice called ‘Six-Phase Meditation’.

It takes only 15 minutes, and is most effective either first thing in the morning or at nighttime.

Follow these six simple steps:

1. Compassion Phase: Imagine yourself surrounded in a bubble of light and filling it with feelings of love.

2. Gratitude Phase: Think of three things in your personal life that you are grateful for and deeply acknowledge the feelings. Next, think of three things in your professional life that you are grateful for. Lastly, think of three new qualities about yourself that you love.

3. Be at Peace Phase: Practise forgiveness towards anything or anyone who may have rubbed you the wrong way – it can range from the smallest thing to something huge.

4. Vision Phase: Practise future dreaming and growth. Visualise your life one year ahead, then three years ahead.

5. Control Phase: Imagine your perfect day and walk through it in your mind, then feel ready to take charge of your next day.

6. Support Phase: Feel supported in all your actions and choices. Visualise everyone smiling, and feel blessed.

If you’re new to yoga or simply looking for some expert guidance, the hotel offers a weekly 60-minute classes on the outside lawn, so you can take in the fresh air as you enjoy a gentle workout.  Alternatively our in-house yoga team offers a series of private yoga classes and meditation in the comfort of your guestroom or a private space in the hotel.

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