How can Meditation increase your productivity?



As a yogi we start to understand not just the body, but the ups and downs of our mind. As a matter of fact the Second Sutra in Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutrats” states the “Yoga will still the fluctuations of the mind.” In Sanskrit it reads “Yogas Cittas Vrittis Nirodaha”.

B.K.S Iyengar, one of the most influential yoga masters of the modern world said to meditate everyday. If you are stressed and think that you don’t have time to meditate then “Meditate the double amount.” Why would he say this?

Here is the answer for the modern world of stress, with meditation we can understand that it is the thoughts themselves that create anxiety and stress. Yes, it is true that every thought has a direct effect on your emotional body which in turn has a physical chemical reaction, which in this case is not a good one. The stress hormone Cortisol is one of the worst hormones for our entire being.

 As we meditate we can become the “seer of our thought” and therefore we can distance ourselves from them, and treat our thought as “misbehaving puppies”. In other words, before we become our thoughts and anxiety, we can redirect our attention and say… “I am experiencing anxiety now, why don't I take a break.” Take some deep breaths and disconnect from what is causing these thoughts, get organized and prioritize.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the things you have to get done, strategize. Each week commit to finalizing three tasks, each day finalize three tasks. Do them well one by one, and not until you checked it off move on to the next. During the day, set aside time to work, no phones, no emails or social media. Truly commit your time! You can work in 20-30 minute segments, then take a break. (but don’t distract yourself) 

Here is where meditation will give you a great head start, you learn to discipline your mind to stay focused, and to not let negative thoughts and emotions in. You can choose, discern what you will focus on. Then stick to it.

I would recommend to wake up 15 minutes early and sit, then do your second meditation before dinner to de-stress and let go of the day. When you meditate, just meditate. Which many be quite annoying in the beginning, when your psyche and ego will torment you with old stress. Just stick to meditating, and let it be it. The one thing we have in life is CHOICE. You can choose to be distracted and freak out, or choose to do something about it. 

Meditation and yoga will teach you how to breath through situations. You will learn how to be calm and become the seer of your thoughts and then choose to respond in an efficient way.

By Carolina Goldberg