A Meaningful Life as a Boost to Happiness

Sometimes we have to stop, and reflect. What ripple effects do my actions have in my life, on my family and friends, and in business or in general? What are my actions telling the world about me? Does it match-up with who I see myself as being? What impact do I want to leave on this Planet at the end of the day?

Just imagine that you are experiencing “the best” day of your life, where everything is going smoothly. You are friendly, and you smile at everyone you meet, and you are letting a few cars squeeze in front of you, despite the traffic. Imagine wishing everyone in the office a good morning, and texting a few friends and letting them know how amazing they are. How many lives do you think that you touched by radiating kindness and happiness?

Let’s do some math; you let three cars squeeze in front of you, you smile at five people, you say hello to two new people you’ve never met before, and you text three friends. Imagine if all those (thirteen) people you have impacted did the same, you would impact 169 people, and if all of them did the same, 28,561 people would be impacted, and if they did the same we are up to 815,730,721 people, feeling happier thanks to positive vibes. You get the picture! It MATTERS.

“Happiness research” at Stanford University states that taking 3 minutes in the morning to email or text 3 people (not even colleagues) will raise the vibe at the workplace which increases productivity, and decreases sick days. Jennifer Aaker explained “A prosocial act can not only boost the happiness of the recipient, but it can boost the happiness of the giver as well.”

As radiant vibrational beings, everything is made up out of atoms that vibrate, including us humans. The actions that we take with intent sends a vibe out, which in turn will affect the emotions we feel. With every emotion we feel, we have a direct chemical reaction in our bodies, which also creates a physical reaction, which really symbolizes who we are!

Who are you? Who do you want to be? What are your actions, thoughts, and emotions? The trick is, understanding that we have a choice; we are the creators of our own happiness. Which way do you want to go; the positive, and giving way, or the negative, and fear-filled way?

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali teaches us that with awareness and mind-fullness we can understand more clearly what we are emanating, therefore discern what actions to take. We ultimately have the choice of what thoughts to think, and what actions to take! Yoga will help with that; “Yogas Citta Vritti Nirodaha” Sanskrit for “Yoga will still the fluctuations of the mind (create mind-fullness and awareness).

So what does this all mean? It means that “taking positive action” will bring meaning into your life and raise your vibration as well as others.

Take advantage of the Valentine Celebration as an opportunity to begin to choose to be the inspired ONE, take action, surprise someone with a call!Give a stranger a smile! Purposely be nicer and make someone laugh! Give a silly gift to someone that would never have expected it!

Create a meaningful and happy life for yourself and the people that you meet, and the people around you, knowing that when you smile someone else will smile. When you laugh someone else feels it too. Choose a positive attitude to life, because it affects you, your health, your happiness and the happiness of the people around you. Make the best day of your life EVERYDAY.

By Carolina Goldberg