Wellness at Hasten

This 15-minute meditation will give you a happier and healthier life!

Meditation is the roadway to being fully content in life. You can practice meditation in so many different ways, but step one is to actually do it.

Let me tell you a few things about meditation that will inspire you, because the road there may not be super intriguing, however it is well worth it. The main objective is to be still and observe. You will shortly notice as you start to meditate, that it is easier said than done. I will show you a very easy and graspable meditation below.

Here are some benefits that may motivate you to do the work. During meditation the body experiences a deep rest, deeper than during the deepest part of sleep. Meditation will release the build-up of stress, anxiety and tension as the body repairs itself (homeostasis). This will bring positive health results like reduction in cholesterol, and increase in Serotonin (the happy hormone) and Prolactin (well-being hormone). With new neurological path ways being built in your brain (Neuron-Plasticity), you will actually become smarter and a better problem solver!

In order to make this practice graspable, I want you to think of your phone. You are able to charge it, you can add more apps and you can install more data. However, if you don’t “switch the power off” every now and then, it will not function at its highest speed. Your mind and your body functions in the same way; you can rest, work out, eat healthy, and talk about meditation. However, if you don’t take the time to actually sit still and meditate, you will not reach clarity and a sense of deep contentment. Live at your Highest Potential!

Deep within every human there is a part of the mind that is calm, quiet, settled and wide-awake. Ancient Yogis say that meditation is a source of our unbounded creativity, unbounded intelligence, infinite happiness, bliss and focus. According to Great Sage, Patanjali, the goal of mediation is to reach the quiet within. The objective is to wake up our fundamental awareness and essence.

By meditating you will feel inspired in your everyday life and your purpose. Your life- path will become clear. Your body and mind will recharge itself, which betters your health and your sleep. You will become the best version of yourself, at what you are uniquely designed to Be. So peel off layers of dogma, stress, and to-do lists, and blossom into who you Truly are, with a few minutes of stillness.

When meditating you’ll experience more quiet thoughts, meaning you’ll connect to the thought behind the thoughts; your transcendent consciousness, your pure consciousness and unified fields of intelligence. Our universal intelligence is always present, and with meditation we can tap in to it. When we meditate, we tap into the Alpha Brain waves, and when doing so, we experience an alert awareness.

I want you to give meditation at least 4-6 weeks, because you need some dedication to break through the top layer. Each week, note in your calendar or journal Week 1, 2 etc.

I would like to share a meditation I personally practice right now. It is called the 6 Phase Meditation (I was inspired by mindvalley.com). It takes only 15 minutes, and you can do it either first thing in the morning or at night before you go to bed:

  1. Compassion Phase: Get quiet and sit comfortably. Imagine yourself surrounded in a bubble of light, and fill that bubble with love and light.
  2. Gratitude Phase: Think of three things in your personal life that you are grateful for and feel the feelings, then three things in your career that you are grateful for, lastly, think of three new qualities about yourself that you love.
  3. Be at Peace Phase: Practice forgiveness towards anything or anyone who rubbed you wrong, it can be the smallest thing or something huge.
  4. Vision Phase: Practice future dreaming and growth, visualize your life one year from now, and then three years from now. Where do you want to be?
  5. Control Phase: Walk through your Perfect Day in your mind. Wake up and get out there, and kick some butt!
  6. Support Phase: Feel blessed and supported in all your actions and your choices, and visualize everyone around you smiling.

By Carolina Goldberg