"I practice to feel amazing, to find freedom and lightness in my body, openness in my heart, and a crystal clear mind so I know exactly what to focus my energy on each day."


With decades of teaching, Carolina Goldberg's classes draw students by the hundreds, with devotees traveling for miles to experience her wisdom. She is most sought after and well known in the yoga community for her ability to bring yoga to students in a comfortable and inspirational way.  Her teachings filled with emphasis on alignment and light-heartedness. Her specialty is to meet the student at their level, creating a comfortable yet inspiring challenge. Presently, Carolina teaches private yoga classes, and public classes across the city of Los Angeles. Additionally, she leads the 200-hour and 500-hour professional teacher's training programs at Yoga Works.

            For the last nine years, Carolina has immersed herself into the inner workings of the human subtle body and mental/emotional energy from a dietary standpoint.  The results of her interest and research prompted her to leading now highly successful 14 Day-Detox seminars, to hundreds of devotees both in person and on-line. She has a great success level as she has a no-stress, nurturing approach. 

            The latest trend is “Yoga Meets Business”, where Carolina introduces yoga and meditation to top Executives and CEO’s. At these popular retreats clients will walk away with useful skills and tools on how to control stress and relieve symptoms before they even appear. Guests will participate in a variety of physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditations that will add years to their lives with lots of laughter. The bonds that are created within the group are life long business referrals.

            With an intricate specialty on alignment she leads "fix your back class series" for yogis, athletes and anyone who is struggling with sciatica and lower-back aches.

            She has created “Chair Yoga”, which she teaches at corporations to ensure employees stay happy and healthy. You only need to remove your shoes to enjoy a release for your back, necks and shoulders in the comfort of your own office.

            Carolina is the Executive Wellness Consultant for the prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel, where she brings yoga, lifestyle and relaxation to groups and private clientele. She has been put in charge of taking the World's most famous hotel to the forefront of health and wellness. The Dorchester Collection has recognized the talents of Carolina Goldberg, and has chosen her to lead their exclusive program. In her new roll she will share her knowledge inspire her life style of yoga, meditation, diet & detoxes lifestyle choices and a healing way of thinking and pursue the best of what you can be!

            Carolina’s Vinyasa flow classes are strong and challenging. She is passionate about her students’ individual practice, and love to see their transformation as their practice develops. Carolina’s classes are sweaty and physical, yet spiritual, leaving class feeling centered and at-one! “I try to make my classes fun and fluid.... It's a constant moving from the heart, challenging the mind to be present. I work with music with limited lyrics, and more rhythmic sounds that inspire energy, balance of mental focus and breath.”

            “Yoga makes me a better wife, mother and business owner. My practice, challenges me daily, and takes me to the place where I can experience joy, focus, strength and confidence to stay on my path of teaching Yoga. My mission is to spread the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga and Healing to as many people in our Modern World as possible.”

            Carolina Goldberg is a 500-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance (YA E-500). She has been practicing since 1997, and has been teaching since 1999.

Interview By International Yoga:



What inspired you to teach yoga?

The first time I set my hands and feet on a mat, I finally felt as if I had come home. I practiced for two years before I took a teacher training. It was just a natural step I had to take to share the Bliss!

How would you describe your classes?

My classes are fun and educational. I pay attention to the individual alignment of all my students. My classes can be strong in the flow, but I teach to all levels. Everyone feels welcome and the group energy is wonderful. I teach inversions or the foundation of inversions in almost every class and enjoy playing music that creates an emotion of lightness and freedom in the body and mind. No lyrics, just rhythm.

What is your favorite pose to teach?

I love to teach headstand (sirsasana). I think it is the most transformational pose! I teach it in stages so that my students feel comfortable and transcend their fears - then they light up! 

Where is your favorite place to travel?

I love exotic places and am excited to lead my upcoming retreat to Bali! I love the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and my birthplace Sweden. I used to live in Italy and love it as well. I find my way wherever I go and like to explore many places.

Who are your most influential teachers?

Maty Ezraty, Lisa Walford, Shiva Rea, Jesse Shein, Jodi Blumstein and Noah Williams. 

Why do you feel that retreats are transformational?

Retreats are transformational because we finally have time for ourselves to dive deeper into the practice and rediscover our passion. They are hugely transformational on all levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually. The practice is primary and the rest is just the cherry on top!

What is your favorite pose to practice?

I am currently working on deepening my backbends. My favorite pose changes with the years.

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